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Segmented Smart Banners

  • Customer: BeStyle
  • Overview: BeStyle, a prominent tabloid magazine covering lifestyle, beauty, fashion, weddings, and travel topics in Turkiye, aimed to enhance its advertising revenue by delivering personalized banners to website visitors based on their interests and content consumption history. To achieve this, BeStyle integrated SegmentHub, a dynamic data management platform (DMP) that analyzes visitor interests in real-time and displays relevant banners tailored to their preferences.
  • Scenario:
    • Visitor Engagement: Visitors access the BeStyle website to read articles or view videos related to lifestyle, beauty, fashion, weddings, or travel topics.
    • Real-time Interest Analysis: SegmentHub continuously monitors and analyzes visitors’ interactions with the website, including the articles they read and the videos they view, to identify their interests and preferences.
    • Segmented Smart Banners: For users who have engaged with content on the website, SegmentHub triggers segmented smart banners using its built-in ad server. These banners are dynamically selected based on the visitor’s interests and content consumption history, ensuring relevance and maximizing engagement.
    • Enhanced Advertising Revenue: Visitors browsing BeStyle’s website are presented with personalized banners promoting relevant products or services aligned with their interests. By delivering targeted advertisements, BeStyle increases the likelihood of click-throughs and conversions, resulting in a significant boost in advertising revenue.
  • Results: Through the integration of SegmentHub and the implementation of targeted smart banners, BeStyle witnessed a substantial increase in advertisement revenue. The personalized approach to banner placement, driven by real-time data analysis, enhanced user engagement and improved the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
  • Conclusion: By leveraging SegmentHub’s capabilities to deliver targeted smart banners based on visitors’ interests and content consumption history, BeStyle successfully optimized its advertising strategy. The personalized banners not only improved user experience but also increased advertising revenue by delivering relevant advertisements to website visitors in less than 100 milliseconds. This integration reaffirms BeStyle’s commitment to providing engaging content and maximizing revenue opportunities in the Turkish market.

BeStyle: Segmented Smart Banners