Realtime Omnichannel Visitor Segmentation Platform

Boost sales and engagement by instantly segmenting visitors' behavior on web and mobile.

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Track, identify, and create realtime actionable results on your website and mobile apps.

Make your website and mobile apps smarter and personalized by understanding visitor interests in real time and recommending appropriate content or campaigns.


Enhanced Tracking

Track your visitors even if they are logged-in or not. Our platform is compatible with Safari ITP and Mozilla ETP (Tracking Prevention Systems).


Realtime Segmentation

Our platform segments all your traffic in realtime depends on visitors' behaviors on any platform you have.


Custom Audiences

Create your custom audiences with ease via Audience Builder and connect your audiences with Advertisement Networks.


Segmented Campaigns

Our built-in ad server and media server modules simplifies segmented campaign management on your website and mobile.


Raw Data Access

Visitor event data can be accessible by your data science team. They can create and run custom segmentation models.


GDPR & CCPA Compliant

Our platform follows your visitors' cookie consents and tracks only visitors who accept tracking cookies.


Customer Data Unification

Customer data unification (profiling) uses integrated customer data to create unified, omnichannel customer profiles.


3rd Party Integrations

Integrate easily pre-defined 3rd party platforms or let your partners integrate with our API.


Power your favorite platforms with the data they need. Need more, we can help.

SegmentHub Integrations

All features

SegmentHub tracks, profiles, segments and creates actionable results in a simplified platform.

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Integrate with your favorite tools.

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    Raw Data Analysis

    Connect visitors' events with your favorite BI solution and build your own custom ML models. We provide Apache Spark and Pandas instances on top of Hadoop.

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    Partner Integrations

    Not only your organization or your favorite tools, but also your partners can access our services to create a better journey for your visitors.

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Data Protection & Governance

Choose any location in the world as your data storage point. We also have on-premise installation options.

Store your data at any location in the world you want.
Module access levels can be assigned differently for your organization members.
We provide enterprise level on-premise installation option for the regulated sectors.
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Omni-Channel Customer View

Collect your visitors' behavioral and transactional events to give a realtime decisions at any platform.

Audience Manager provides a smooth integration with advanced filtering options to connect your audiences with Google Ads, Meta, Criteo and other well-known platforms.

Connect and continuously feed your CRM with cross-device behavioral unified customer events/segments to give every customer a unique experience.

Quickly see 360 degree of your customers' online and offline behaviours to offer the right campaigns or solve their problems faster.

Enriched customer data from online and offline channels will increase the power of Agencies to provide an exclusive communication with your customers.

Choose Your Plan

Get the most efficient plan for your needs or contact us if you want to know any details.



Small/Medium Business Starter Pack
  • 2 Platforms
  • 50 Segments
  • 25 Campaigns
  • 100GB Data Storage
  • 10M Monthly Requests
  • Unlimited User Account
  • Set And Manage Permissions


Small/Medium Business Perfect Pack
  • 5 Platforms
  • 250 Segments
  • 100 Campaigns
  • 500GB Data Storage
  • 50M Monthly Requests
  • Unlimited User Account
  • Set And Manage Permissions
  • Raw Data Access
  • Developer Support


Enterprise and Corporate
  • Unlimited Platforms
  • Unlimited Segments
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Unlimited Monthly Requests
  • Unlimited User Account
  • Set And Manage Permissions
  • Raw Data Access
  • Developer Support
  • Data Scientist support
  • On-premise Installation


A list of frequently asked questions to help you to give answer for your questions on your mind.

Yes, you can import your existing customers via our API. You can also import segments and attributes (key/value pairs such as favoriteColor = Red)

Visitor who visits your online or offline platforms (web, mobile, store etc.) as a guest or a logged-in member. SegmentHub tracks all traffic on your platforms, even if visitors are logged-in or not, and you can get a clearer picture of each visitor's experience at a glance, and in real-time.

Your data is safely stored on Amazon servers in the European Union, more specifically in Frankfurt, Germany. But you are able to choose another place to store, it is configurable.

We provide delete functionalities both on our SDKs and APIs. You can also manually delete visitors and profiles from the Panel.

A data retention period is the amount of time that data must be stored according to internal and external requirements. Time periods vary by organization and industry, but we keep;

  • Profiles for 2 years
  • Visitors for 1 year
  • Raw Data of events forever as your membership active.
Time periods can be changed by your organization needs.

Unified Visitor Profiles offer one single, centralized view of a visitor's data. "Visitor Profiling" profiles anonymous visitors and reduce the amount of truly unknown users.

Typically 97% or 98% of website visitors are anonymous. For most companies, only 2%-3% of visitors ends up sharing their email address or otherwise identify themselves.

  • Anonymous Tracking profiles anonymous visitors, connects their devices to profiles and reduce the amount of truly unknown users.
  • Segments your all your visitors in real-time, creates segments, and offers relevant campaigns or personalize/optimize contents.
  • Drives better engagement and ROI by matching campaigns or content to visitors.
  • Deliver a personal experience by providing a great moment to move visitor forward in the buyer journey by offering targeted but more advanced content.

Yes, we have an API which is documented and can be accessible from the Panel. We also provide SDKs for web and mobile platforms.

SegmentHub uses cookies (first party cookie) and similar technologies to track devices on your platforms. In order to use cookies we integrate our SDKs to your cookie consent mechanism.

There are no commitments or contracts. SegmentHub is a month-to-month service you can cancel your subscription at any time.