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Targeted App Install Campaigns

  • Customer: Sneaks Up
  • Overview: Sneaks Up, a leading sneaker and sportswear retailer in Turkiye, aimed to increase its mobile app installations and enhance user engagement by delivering personalized app install banners to website visitors. To achieve this, Sneaks Up integrated SegmentHub, a comprehensive data management platform (DMP) that analyzes visitor interests and behaviors in real-time, enabling targeted banner placement based on user journeys and preferences.
  • Scenario:
    • Visitor Engagement: A visitor navigates to the Sneaks Up website, either through a desktop or mobile browser, to explore the latest sneaker models and sports products from renowned brands like Nike, Jordan, Adidas, and more.
    • Real-time Interest Identification: SegmentHub seamlessly identifies the visitor’s interests and browsing journey, gathering data on their interactions with the website and previous purchase behaviors.
    • Targeted Banner Placement: For users who access the website via a mobile browser and have not yet installed the Sneaks Up mobile application, SegmentHub triggers segmented app installation banners using its built-in ad server. These banners are strategically displayed to encourage app downloads and enhance user engagement.
    • Enhanced User Experience: Visitors browsing the Sneaks Up website via mobile devices are presented with personalized app install banners, prompting them to download the mobile application for a seamless shopping experience. The banners are tailored to the individual’s interests and journey, increasing the likelihood of app installation and future engagement.
    • Increased App Install Rate: As a result of the targeted app installation banners, Sneaks Up experiences a significant increase in app install rates. The personalized approach ensures that the banners are only displayed to relevant users, maximizing the likelihood of conversion.
  • Results: By leveraging SegmentHub’s capabilities to deliver targeted app install banners, Sneaks Up achieved a significant increase in the app install rate among website visitors. The personalized approach to banner placement led to improved user engagement and a higher adoption rate of the mobile application.
  • Conclusion: Through the integration of SegmentHub, Sneaks Up successfully optimized its mobile app installation strategy, delivering personalized banners to website visitors based on their interests and journey. By leveraging real-time data analysis and targeted advertising, Sneaks Up enhanced the user experience and increased app adoption rates, reinforcing its position as a leading retailer in the market.

Sneaks Up App Install Campaigns